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Online news these days has become a swamp of media conglomerate bias, unethcial blogging, political spin, and fake news. Racism, misogyny, and classism run rampant. The truth gets lost in the noise.

Our ReRiteSM technology cuts through the confusion to bring you the most important news with integrity and accuracy. Here's how we do it:

  • We scan over 200 news sources to identify the top trending news topics.
  • Using a database of known bias factors, each source is scored for legitimacy and we keep only the most trusted ones.
  • Keywords are analyzed to identify the most important and consistent details in the trustworthy articles.
  • A summarization engine digests all sources to create a pastiche based on the most important facts.
  • The new reports are condensed for fast, easy, and accurate reading.
  • Our Editor in Chief approves each report for publication.

No fluff, no filler, no axe to grind, just clean and honest news. Because that's what freethinkers demand.

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